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8 89%
1 11%
Voters: 9.
jimy hendrix or kurt cobaine me and my freind have been arguing about this so we decided to take it to the pple u decide
Guitarist?? Jimi

Lyricist?? Kurt
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jimi's lyrics were HIGHLY underrated. He has some songs that are amazing

Anger he smiles, towering in shiny metallic purple armour
Queen jealousy, envy waits behind him
Her fiery green gown sneers at the grassy ground

Blue are the life-giving waters taken for granted,
They quietly understand
Once happy turquoise armies lay opposite ready,
But wonder why the fight is on

But theyre all bold as love, yes, theyre all bold as love
Yeah, theyre all bold as love
Just ask the axis

maybe it's just me, but I find those lyrics AWESOME
Quote by FoolOnThePlanet
Guitarist?? Jimi

Lyricist?? Kurt

agreed, but guitar-wise....jimi by far, jimi did something totaly outside the norm....kurt was creative in the sence that he was re-inventing punk style music, allot of people don't realize that Nirvana was alt-punk NOT grunge.....but yeah....hendrix is my vote...