What are you practicing as of late? Specific scales? Chords? Finger Dexterity? Alternate picking?

It's quite simple really, probably already been done many times, BBBBUUUUUUTTTTT i don't care.

So, what are you practicing!?
I'm hungry.
Slither right now
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C form, E7 form and A7 form barre chords
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the battle of evermore by led zep.
but its really hard, becausee its meant for a mandolin.
but im gettin there
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no one fuckin cares
Glasgow kiss, battle of evermore, both are hard. Good luck! I guess I should put what I'm practicing to be fair:

Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing
John Petrucci Rock Discipline
Memorizing Notes on the neck
I'm hungry.
TV Show theme songs. I've finished Scrubs and The Office and I'm not sure what to do next...
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my dexterity is my first priority... then; cover some artists while practice my techniques... then; learn my scales... then; ROCK ON!!!!!
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