I like it, everything is kept pretty simple and for a first recording it's not bad at all. The mix could probably be improved, the vocal seems disjoined from the rest of the song somehow. The drums sound good though, I think with a retake of the vocals or even some clever mixing this would be really quite catchy but the main riff is quite generic, maybe tweak it a bit to make it stand out from the crowd a little.
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Ok crit as I listen:

Adjust the guitar a little... it's overpowering. Bring the drums up. I quite like it when the rhythm kicks in; sounds quite punky. Be a bit more confident with your voice, try and belt the chorus out - it needs it.

I can hear some vocal harmonies trying to get through - bring them up. This song is begging for vocal harmonies.

It's good for your first try, just tighten up your syncing. I like the breakdown but again the guitar dominates a bit. At the end you need to seperate the lead - pan it hard left/right.

This is a good song. Just needs a little more work

Here's mine:

quality could be improved. i like the riff, but it sounds oddly borrowed. i like the drums. they're pretty cool for this style. vocals could have been better. they were way to immature sounding, just really high and harsh. idk how old you lot are but, hopefully they'll improve over time. good job though.

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it's pretty good, especially for a first recording. I think it's a really catchy song, but the lack of production (which is totally understandable) takes away from it. you should add in a solo though!
intro riff is pretty catchy...it gets a little repetitive though at the beginning. drums sound great...i think they could be turned up just a little bit. The vocals really aren't bad. the singer CAN sing... i definitely see potential...but they do sound a bit harsh...just lighten up the voice a little so its smoother. i also agree with the suggestion of harmonies..that would really bring this to life. i actually liked the song though. its a refreshing change on this forum...and its pretty catchy too. nice job. i also noticed your band lives sort of near me. neat.

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