I just got done shredding on my piano and my wrist is killing me- everytime I rotate it hurts.

It feels as though I ****ed up a nerve

Question: How do you get carpal tunnel/how early/etc.

Is it even possible for someone as young as myself to get it

and does anyone else get sharp pains?

i never did with my guitar
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I used to get that when I first started to play piano. It's not CT, but it can **** you up none the less hah. Just try to take it easy on it for a bit. Don't twack it all out in one blow. Slowly work with it. If it starts to hurt a bit, stop. Don't push it or you'll **** yourself over.
Bend your hand down and see if it hurts to do that. Also see if you have a bump on your wrist. If you have a bump you could have a ganglion cyst. I had one of those from playing guitar too much so I got it drained and it came back... Now, since I'm a lazy bastard, I just ignore the pain rather than get it out for good.
I totally agree with shreddin_frets. When my hand pulled that **** with me I didn't pussy foot around, I grabbed a muther****ing machete and cut the bitch off. Never have to worry about carpel tunnel or arthritis ever again. **** yeah.
stop jerking off man

I cant beleive it took 2 post to get this answer.

Sounds like tendonitis though. Go to the pharmacy and get a wrist strap.
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^ Yeah dude, stop typing if it hurts.
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