okay UGers were goin to make a story!!!

everyone has to add a sentence after thelast person and eventually someone will put it all together and show us waht the hell we wrote.ill start off....

Once upon a time......
there was a giant mutant chicken.


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and was pregnant

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I look at boobs and bums and stuff I get really horny and stuff.

and did not exist anymore, ending the story.
One Love

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and the g-aids combined with the pregnancy to spit out a demon baby Hitler
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Hitler took up tap dancing.

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Warned for trolling!

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Didn't you say that you had a stuffed fox that you would occasionally fuck?

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It's not a fox,it's a wolf.
then he decided to create A car that would run off water instead
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Gundam pilota09, i'm happy for you, and imma let you finish, but Moses had the best ten commandements of ALL TIME.

Had to do it.
that resorted him to growing bannana's in his bed room

What Goes Up

Must Come Down
However the Jews didn't believe him and whipped him, thus creating a stress disorder aimed at the Jewish population that would remain with him for the rest of his life
In an interstellar burst! I am back to save the universe...
Hugo made all the jews wear their peices of flare.
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Holy ****, this is awesome, Said hugos penis
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My nipples. WHAT ARE THEY FOR?!?!?!?!
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Put your penis in a raging hot fire, that should melt the bottle off
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4e574e57363g, despite your first post on a thread almost always being PWNT you kickass.
And magical pixie pajamas severed Hugo in half, revealing that he wasn't a man...
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but a horse! but not a horse, a broom! but not a broom, simply a bunch of moleculse that came together to look like a broom!
Appearances aside, he decided to rob the local candy shop.
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