like my recent thread Once upon a time........ were goin to make a rap by adding ines aftr each other make them rhyme

Today redsox was bein really gay..............


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"Today redsox was bein really gay.............."

is that supposed to be the first line?

if yes, i predict this thread will fail miserably.
and i looked over there and there was some hay

What Goes Up

Must Come Down
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god looked down and said "why is this thread gay?"

He started with "gay", asshole!!!
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He started with "gay", asshole!!!



(Kudos to whoever knows where that comes from)
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Mk, this thread fails. Sorry...
Needlenick wrote:

Dave Grohl has officially literally done everything.
superman dat hoe

oh right...were trying to make a good rap? no random lines?
Upon reading this thread, I am strongly inclined
To classify the TS as a perpetrator of human rights crimes.
According to BS statistics, 92% of teens have moved on to rap. If you're among the 8% who doesn't consider rap to be real music, donate your brains, as you clearly aren't using them.
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There ain't no moral to this story at all. Anything I tell you very well could be a lie.