hey guys,
i am aware that there is a USA standard strat and a Mexican standard. I would just like to get a few diff opinions of these. im pretty sure the pickups are slightly better on the USA ones though
OBviously USA will feel and sound better, but the mexican is fine and great value for its price...
USA ones are generally built better and with higher quality parts and wood. With that being said, Mexican strats are pretty darn incredible in my opinion. The way I look at it is I would rather spend 400 on the guitar and then upgrade the pick-ups to EXACTLY which ones I want. I love my Mexican Standard Strat so much, there is nothing bad about in my opinion.

IF you have the money to get a USA made strat, I would go for it. In the long run it will be a better choice. A USA made strat will last a lifetime.
Americans have 22 frets whereas Mexican Fenders have only 21. And also different wood for the bodies and neck, as well as different pickups.
There's also a bunch of guitars between the standards though. Check out the 50's/60's Classic series strats, Deluxe Roadhouse strat, Highway 1 strat, there's more I've forgotten the names of I'm sure.
I have a MIM Strat and IMO it plays as nice as American strats, btw how many pieces of wood do they use to make the Body, i was sure its one but this mug told me it was 7 !?
MIA strats have better:


but still , MIM strats are amazing, and way cheaper
yea, the USA strats are undeniably better, but....they also cost like 600$ more so then u have to decide whether or not thats worth it. the MIMs(mexicans) are rly nice for $400, but if your looking for a piece that will be quality for teh rest of ur life, id go with the USA...that is if you can fork out the cash.

right now im trying to decide for myself whether is a USA is worth it, but im kinda starting to lean in a different direction musically
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USA Strats are generally better specced, better woods and put together by more proficient workers.

However, there are some exceptional Mexican strats, which play every bit as good as a USA strat. Might need a pickup change.

I have a Mexican Strat and personally it plays better than ANY USA strat I have ever laid my hands on. Just feels perfect, but thats my opinion. Kinda needs a pickup change, but thats more to fine tune the tone I want.

Try both and see - there are amazing and ****e instruments in both ranges!
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...but USA strats are made in Coronado, CA...so they're made by Mexican factory workers anyway.

If you're collecting - buy a USA
If you dont care and just want a great Strat/Tele - buy a MIM
I look at strats like Clapton. For the price of one american strat, you coud just pick up 3 used ones, take the best parts from each, sell the two less impressive ones, and have a killer strat for around $300-$400, in the end.

But I'd go with the Mexican. The wood on them is fine, the necks are lovely, the pickups...well, you'll probably want to change the stock ones in the American Strat too. You can always re-finish it, and $400 is a good price point.