I've played acoustic for a while, and this christmas im gettin a electric guitar

Now, heres my question: Should I get like an American Strat, and get a very low end amp or should I get something like a Blues Jr. and a Standard Strat?

Today at Guitar Center I played a SRV strat through the Blues Jr. and it was so freaking amazing, but I can't have both.

What should I do?
A low quality amp will always produce a low quality sound no matter what guitar you have. So get a good amp and hopefully, a good guitar as well.
I would go with Blues Jr(or any good tube amp in that price range that you like best) and the Standard Strat. For your first electric theres really no need to get a American strat, not that it would be a bad choice or anything. The American Strat will last forever, but its quite a bit more money that I think would be better spent into a really nice amp.

What kind of music do you think you want to play? A blues jr and strat will be pretty good for most things. I personally would get an HSS strat, but you really need to try and see what you like for yourself.