Hey, i just moved to Flint, Michigan leaving a succesful band that was going really well. I need anyone who can play ANY instrument in this area. My high-school is dominated by the 'gAnGtaz rApErZ' scene and there are no metalheads to be found except for me..Influences are, Nile, Death, Tool, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Megadeth, Children of Bodom, Opeth, Nevermore, Decapitated, Basically Heavy mixed with melody and progressive. Check my profile for more but this basically covers the main stuff.. Please reply if you live in my area, because i really hate my situation right now
The Set Up
1- Bc.Rich Nj Series Best w/Emgs
2-Ibanez v-blade, custom snakeskin
3-Fender Stratocaster
4-1986 Charvel Model 5
MXR Phase 90
BBE Sonic Maximizer
Dunlop crybaby original
hey i am looking to start a band online, i play bass, and my friend plays drums, we are both at a professional level.We play Melodic Metal/Hardcore. such as Screams of serenity, Emmure, Beneath the sky.I we have written some songs on guitar pro, and when we have a ep done on guitar pro we want to record, if you have guitar pro and you are interest in collaborating with good musicians. then send me a message.
lol. gAnGtaz rApErZ. theres plenty of metal heads, yet there already in a band. February 22 i think is battle of the bands.
Also i read your closed thread. the onle michigan metal scene. its true. til now, youre the only kid that i actually know who plays guitar in the whole school. lots of kids claim they play, but they quit cuz its too hard. and whats a mainstream kids?