Hey everyone, I'm looking into putting some new pickups into my ibane rg320. at the moment its just got the stock pups in there at the moment, and im wanting something to really bring the beast out. i play mainly classic 70s rock, modern and blues rock, so nothing metal-like. at the moment, i'm looking at a dimarzio super distortion in the bridge and a dimarzio paf pro in the bridge. any comments on these? are they appropriate for what im playing?
the S.D. is made for those styles and the paf should be great
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70's rock tones came from PAF style pickups with alnico 5 magnets and poly wire so that is what you need. You can turn your neck pickup into a 70's style humbucker simply by putting an alnico 5 manget in there. You can steal the magnet from the bridge pickup or you can buy an alnico 5 magnet for about $6 off stewmac. Then I would get something like a PAF pro from Dimarzio or a Cool Heritage from me for your bridge or I would put your neck pickup in the bridge and get something like a pearly gates, or alnico 2 pro in the neck. The 1st option will give you a 70's ish tone from both pickups. The second option would give you a 70's tone from the bridge and more modern, smooth, mellow tone from the neck. One is what you are asking for and the other gives you flexibility.

Super distortion will not give you 70's rock tone.
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