We held our hands in this wretchedness
While the world we knew
Tore itself to pieces
Our breath it turned to ice
And with one last breath of dying hope
I looked at you
And said we’d make it through this

I shut your eyes
We held hands
‘till our knuckles turned to white

Days grew on
But our thoughts were what kept us alive
I stood by you
When the world we knew, crumbled beneath us
It hurts us now but soon we’ll be numb

So close your eyes
And soon we will rise
We might die here
But not tonight
It hurts us now but soon we’ll be numb
i like this, and fallen misery, those rules are stupid. these are some good lyrics.
the last two bars i especially liked.
kw!nton....first the rules are not stupid, if you actually read them, they are set for a legit reason.....seriously STFU and maybe read the rules yourselve............................cheers
Check for "Taking a Picture (Won't capture this)