I've noticed there's hardly any tabs listed here for Lead Belly, quite possibly the most important artist to contemporary music as we know it today. Forget Chuck Berry (although I'm a huge fan) this guy lived late 1800's-1940s and through those years created more covered songs than Led Zeppelin and the Beatles combined.

This one man is the "missing link" between classic folk music and the more respected music of contemporary times, and yet there is only 7-8 songs listed there.

Okay i'll admit the many songs that were covered we're better such as "Gallis Pole" more commonly known as the great Zeppelin song, Gallows Pole, but still the roots of all modern music, the essence that Lead Belly's music held is just unmatched, and I think his legacy is deserves more than just a few songs tabbed on the (best) only tab site left.

I am sure many of you are unaware of even the existence of this great man, but those who do, are certain to share my feelings.
Definately I'd agree with you. The man doesn't get as much love on these forums as he deserves.

He is one of my favourite blues players, and folk singers for that matter; I really love the man's music.

Though his 'Gallis Pole' is better than the Zeppelin cover.
I love his music. I've listened to Black Girl several times a day over the past week.

I've done a couple of covers when I've played solo acoustic shows.
If you can find it, get a copy of "Leadbelly Signs for Children." It's really good, but it's also a convicted felon singing for little kids, which I find hilarious.
Have you heard about my baby? Yes, how I love her, you don't know.
Have you heard about my baby? Yes, how I love her, you don't know.
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^ He definitely killed someone, don't know whether it was a stabbing or not, but that was part of the reason why he was able to write and play so much.

He was really good, but I've always found it too hard to sit through long sessions of his stuff unlike the blues of Robert Johnson.
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Yeh i was semi joking, i think he killed one and attempted to kill another. But on the subject of his music, probably my second/third favourite behind Robert Johnson and Son House. And maybe Skip James. But incredible music nonetheless.