I have this really old crestline Les Paul and when I found it I cleaned it off and plugged it in and it worked OK, but then I unplugged it and walked away for a little bit and when I came back and plugged it back in it didn't work at all. When I plug it in to my amp now, I don't get anything. The only noise I get is when I put my finger on the P/U it makes this noise kinda like when you touch you finger to the amp jack while your amp is on.

What do you think is wrong? I think that the P/U's are dead but I would like another opinion.
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why not just poke around in the wiring, looking for grounded connections, make sure all the connections are solid, or if your daring, re wire it, ground up. to brand new conditions.
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All of the wiring looks pretty good, I did have a problem with the input jack before though. Is there any way for me to test if it's good or not?