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101 43%
92 39%
31 13%
11 5%
Voters: 236.
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Just a general question, also what type (Acoustic or Electric) and what brand/model.
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Valencia 30th Anniversary (Acoustic)
Ibanez SA720FM (Electric)
Ibanez 1527 (Electric)
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3. Fender Stratocaster Electric, Martin 000 series Acoustic, and a Classical
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Firstact Overtone
Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Mitchell MD-100

Ibanez GSR200
1. Epiphone Les Paul Custom Limited Edition (The one with the mirrored pickguard)
2. Cort strat knock-off
3. B.C. Rich Platinum Warlock
4. Acoustic soapbox sized something or other... I don't know, it was free and has no badge but sounds good.
5. Crate bass, that I have a completely legitimate claim over.
Wowsers, people must be rich (looks at poll results)
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Fender 12-string (acoustic-electric)
Burswood, unknown model (acoustic)
Squier Strat [modded] (electric)
Ibanez Talman (Electric)

to lazy to find anything else about em....
none mine all got stolen
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Ibanez RG350EX

Vox Valvetronix 30
2. I know a guy with 9. Including 2 Fender Strats, a JEM, a 7-string prestige and an explorer. I envy him
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none mine all got stolen

Wow that really sucks, I'm sorry to hear that
Well, I've got an:
Ibanez RG350EX (Electric)
Wagner Tele(Anyone got info on this? It plays REALLY well and has that Tele sound)
Gibson LC-7 (Acoustic with added on pickup)
Sigma Acoustic
Un-named Acoustic
I don't remember where I was,
When I realized life was a game.
The more seriously I took things,
The harder the rules became.
Quote by t3h guitar n00b
none mine all got stolen

Arg, Someone stole mine and I found him and stole it back + a lil more.
I don't remember where I was,
When I realized life was a game.
The more seriously I took things,
The harder the rules became.
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3 guitars, 2 **** ones and an ibanez rg
1 fender p bass

Hmm it doesn't happen to be a RG350 does it?

I don't remember where I was,
When I realized life was a game.
The more seriously I took things,
The harder the rules became.
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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7 1/2 guitars.

Fender Mustang
Wesley Jagcaster
Freshman Acoustic
Ibanez Talman Intercity Electro-Acoustic
Martin Backpacker
1970's CSI Les Paul '59 copy
Eastwood Airline

and a Strat which I've totally taken apart and halfway through customising it and such.
8, a few of them I don't really play anymore because of upgrading, I just still have em.

Ibanez Universe UV-777BK
Ibanez S-540 Custom
Jackson RR3
Schecter Omen 6
B.C. Rich Acrylic Mockingbird (First guitar)
Fernandes Strat

Schecter Stiletto Custom 5
Low end Ibanez
2 guitars....
ovation balladeer special (love it soooo much)
and a fender lite ash strat
5 if you inclue my dads ( hee doesnt play very much)

ibanez grg170dx
takamine acoustic (dads)
american strat (dads)
I have 6.

PRS Santana SE
Jackson DK-2
Jackson DK-2 (I keep this in Texas for when I visit family)
Fender MIM Fat Strat
Kona K1 Acoustic-electric
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Let's see...

Squier Strat
Lyle 12 string
'66 Teisco
Goya classical acoustic
Fender acoustic
Harmony acoustic
Kilo Ukulele

Ibanez GAX150B
Dean Edge 5
Dean Edge 6
Tacoma Thunderchief
B.C. Rich Warlock NJ Series

...Yeah, I tend to be a collector.


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Squier Stratocaster
Washburn X30
Looking to buy a Fender Jagstang, u sellin?
Ibanez G10
MIM Strat - moded
Squier Strat - moded of course
USA Strat
70's reissue Strat - moded
Ibanez Artwood
Les Paul studio
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I have about 8 or 9, but I share them with my dad.

Fender strat. (mine)
Gordon smith GS-90
Tanglewood memphis aniversary electric
Dean resonator.
Epiphone bass. (does it count if it's a bass?)
Washburn acoustic.

There's some others but they're in a cupboard in my sister's room, cba to get them out and check the names.
2 acoustics
Ibanez Sa160
Ibanes S479
Gretsch Electromatic
And in a few weeks might get a PRS. Maybe not *shrugs*
Peters Chimaira tube amp
Harley Benton 2xv30's
Jackson dinky select series USA
MI audio boostnbuff+crunchbox
Carbon copy MXR + smart gate
Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Jim Deacon strat copy which i got cheap when i first started playing
And some old acoustic.. not sure what brand.. if any :s
Fender Jaguar
PRS Santana SE
Gibson LP standard
Squier Showmaster
Lindo Purple flame acoustic
some crappy encore classical guitar from argos
Two electric. One Jackson and one B.C. Rich that's receiveing a complete makeover...
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I have been collecting for 20 years and now have 11 complete + 2more projects on the go. Some of mine are store bought and others i have done myself buying parts here and there on Ebay and putting them together myself. 2 I have done the paint myself but not sure if i am going to do that again as it is a pain in the arse if you don't have the proper place to do it in.
The store bought are.
1- 93 Gibson Lespaul Classic all gold.
2- 1971 Hagstrom Swede
3- Sammick greg Bennet Malibu
4- 80's profile Telecaster(upgraded p/ups)
5-Washburn Hb15 Arch top
6-Late 70s early 80s Univox les paul copy.
7-Goya acoustic
The rest are the ones I put together.
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the Sex-G

strat rip off



....everything i need
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