I have this really old crestline Les Paul and when I found it I cleaned it off and plugged it in and it worked OK, but then I unplugged it and walked away for a little bit and when I came back and plugged it back in it didn't work at all. When I plug it in to my amp now, I don't get anything. The only noise I get is when I put my finger on the P/U it makes this noise kinda like when you touch you finger to the amp jack while your amp is on.

What do you think is wrong? I think that the P/U's are dead but I would like another opinion.
Input is usually the problem but like ther other guy said...i'd check the soldering. If you get a soldering iron and some solder its a pretty easy job to do yourself
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Well it's probably from around 1970's/80's, and it hasn't been taken care of at all. So, how do I go about checking all the soldering and or the input jack?
I know it's not my amp and the cable that I have works fine in my other guitar, It could be the input jack though.