Hey guys, I'm not that great of a guitarist yet, but one of my friends is really good, I thought i'd come to ask for some unbiased opinions, maybe some likes and dislikes... He takes his guitaring seriously so I want to know what you guys think.


If you guys also want an unbiased opinion on your work... feel free.
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Could use a little fine tuning, but other than that, pretty sweet.
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wow, this guy almost has the same melodic sensibilities as i do, if that makes any sense.

almost, though.

pretty decent. if he wants to play punk, he doesnt need to get any better, that melody right there can get him far. though if he's more into heavy metal and alternative rock, he needs to fine tune both his playing and his tone
I liked it. I wish he would have played a longer solo though (even though it is harder without any accompaniment).
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