So a friend of the family whom was like another grandfather to me, passed away two years ago this last august and I guess I was included in his will. I just got a check in the mail last night for $3500. Not kidding. I got debts to pay off and I know where the rest is going, but I want UG to try to change my mind. Lemme know what you think I should do with this kind of money. Remember, 3500 US dollars is your limit. Go.
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I think this man has a reputation to defend and "poop head" is not in that reputation.

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throw a party
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You are so going to hell, but that is hilarious.

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1 Tony Iommi Gibson SG for face value. Exactly 1.
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Save for college.
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Pay off your debts.
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pay off depts and save whats left. Than gain interest and stuff.
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That should have been "who", not "whom". Sorry to rain on your cash parade.
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spend 500 (or maybe a little more if the thing you want is more than that) on a new guitar or amp, then use the rest for what you need. if you have any left over after that, use it to buy something else you want
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