I was looking for a distortion pedal that doesnt have so much gain in it that it sounds disgusting (MT-2) for rock like (guns roses, van halen, steve vai, paul gilbert). I have a Metal Muff and i think its great but i wanted something with a little less gain, as the Metal Muff doesnt sound as good when the gains turned down. I want less gain but great sounding (if possible metal sounding) leads. Is this possible? I was looking at the MI Audio Crunch Box, and thats my preferred choice atm.
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nah i dont want an overdrive because i have a sd-1, ill add big muff to the crunch box as the two im most keen on

Its between:
MI AUDIO Crunch Box
EHX Big Muff
MXR Distortion +
Boss Ds-1/DS-2

Which one??
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it might be worth looking at a DS-1 or a Boss Turbo distortion, I had a similar problem to you and I got the DS-1. Its been played by Vai, Cobain, and lots of others I cant remember.
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Everyone must own a DS-1 at some point in their playing career.


Out of those it's a no-brainer, the crunchbox. Hand made boutique stuff, and if you live in aus they're good value. I have a muff and a crunchbox, and there is no competition. DS-1's are crap compared to either the muff or the crunchbox, never played the MXR.

The crunchbox is much more responsive than a DS-1 or a muff too, feels alot more like a real amp. The DS-1 is too harsh and unnatural sounding, the muff is more of a fuzz.

The crunch box will nail van halen and GnR, and I find it great for leads, doesn't lose any gain. You can use it for metal too, it won't do a scooped mids tone but it will do a hotrodded JCM800 about to explode type sound.

Go to the MI Audio website for soundclips, but really, out of the pedals you listed the crunch box is in another league. you can't compare mass produced stuff to a hand made pedal, even if they are in the same sort of pricerange.
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^^ thanks alot, i have the Metal Muff so i dont need it for Metal! but yeah i wanted the great lead sounds without the saturated gain.
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