Yeah , i know theres threads about this but i dont know enough to know what to choose, Ive got 2 electric guitars and im looking to buy an acoustic, anything under 500$ really, but i hardly know anything about acoustic guitars. Anyone have any suggestions?
Well, firstly, check the 'best guitars under $300' stickied at the top of the thread, you might something in there that you like. Personally, if i had $500 to spend on a guitar id be looking at a Washburn, Takamine or an Alvarez. Try as many different guitars as possible though, see which one you like best.
I agree, go play some guitars. In addition to those already listed I always look at Ovation, Ibanez and Epiphone too, and pawn shops are my favorite place to look. I find some good deals on nice guitars and almost always less expensive than new. If you shop around and be picky it can pay off, I snagged a Takamine for $300 that I can't find anywhere for under $700 new and mine is in excelent condition. Best sounding acoustic electric I've played in quite a while too.

With acoustics, I always advise the same thing. Go play everything you can find in your price range. Each one plays and sounds different, even two identical guitars sitting side by side. Play all of them you can find and buy the one that plays and sounds good to you, no matter what brand it is. I bought a cheap Epiphone years ago for $100 and it was the one people always picked up first at our parties, where we had a choice of a 1957 Fender acoustic, a really nice Sigma acoustic electric, and a nice Alvarez, all worth 4 times what my guitar cost me or more. My cheap Epiphone was the one everybody would grab first, I rarely got to play it because someone else almost always had it in their hands when I went to the guitar room. I didn't mind, I liked all the others really well too so I got to play them a lot. All I did was go out and play guitars till I found the one I liked best...That one was it. I just wish I could catch up with the moron who stole it from my truck in Austin, Texas...
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Check out Zager, Parkwood, Blueridge All good guitars in that price range. $500 or a little less. Can't go wrong with any.

Go to Musicians Friend or Guitar Center and check out the reviews of people who own the guitar.

Zager, you have to go to the ZagerGuitars.com. Check out used ones on E-bay too. I know there is currently a Zager Zad 50 there that is reasonable. Nice guitar.
Shop around. I played several in that price range, Cort, Sammik, Takemine. All sounded ok. Bad news, all were made in China or Indonesia. I really could not see paying that much to have a guitar made in a factory whose employess make a nickel a day.
I bought a Simon and Patrick (Godin guitars, same company that makes Seagulls)w/case for just under $600. Best part made in hand made in Canada. Sounds great.

Shop around.