So yeah, the title pretty much says it all. Two-handed tapping the whole way through on a clean guitar with some reverb and delay (and I was actually able to mimic the reverb and delay in Guitar Pro to a degree, so you're welcome if you steal that trick ). Anyways, umm, tell me what you think!!! Any ways to make it better??? Does it suck??? You tell me, kthx.
Clean Two-Handed Tapping Song.zip
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Well it doesn't suck..=P

JK, mate i actually think its a great track and i really like it.
A Major was defiantly my favorite especially when you went into the very high notes.
great work i see problems and honestly it doesn't really need drums i like it how it is. =D
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this is great, i especially like the 2nd key change. nice job on the reverb effect. theres not really anything i can see to improve on.
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That was awesome. Personally, I'd make the delay time longer lol. I'd never be able to do something like that!
Hey mate thats sick,
The modulations sound really good and it flows really well,
im off to try and learn it

Btw - If you feel like critting either (or both ) of the songs in my sig it would be much appreciated.
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That was easily one of the nicest pieces of music I've ever heard. Well done. Well done!
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damn i liked this. I would like to see a little variation though cuz it kinda got repetitive and id also like to see you put a video up on youtube or something cuz i need to learn how to two hand tap.
That was REALLY good. You had some great arpeggios in there. Really moving chord progressions too. Only problem was it did'nt realy see to go anywhere. I think you should eventually throw in a 12-strng acoustic guitar, vocals, some keyboards, and drums to make it more interesting. It's already a great piece, but it has s much more potential.

Good job on the delay, too.

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It's a really nice piece - I liked it. My only gripe is that you've only really used the same rhythm throughout - possibly mix it up a bit? I think you'd only notice it if you listened carefully, but if it's on in the background then it would be pretty brilliant. I also think you should take the bass out - it doesn't add anything to the song in my opinion.

If you wanted to expand it, I would say use it to layer another piece you've written, adding atmosphere in the background, or even creating a song to put this piece into. Other than that, I'd say use it as an intro/outro to an album or something like that, and create a really nice soundscape with different effects here and there (I don't mean delay, distortion etc., I mean things like wind, rain and stuff if it would fit in) to lead in or out of the main chunk of music. That was a bit of a vague pitch of my ideas, but hopefully you'll think of something really good when it comes to recording this, which you definitely should.

Nice. Well done!
that is a really nice piece, ts the sort of thing i could see joe satriani playin, it reminds me of his nice tapping songs, but i prefer this cos its more upbeat, but still soft and really calming, well done!!
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really nice riffs. Drums would definately ruin the song
I listened to it with rse, sounds really great, though after a while it seems a bit repetitive. Nice idea for the reverb, btw.
song should be in a compound time of 8/8, rather than 4/4 you wrote it in.

by 8/8 i mean a measure would be counted as- 1 + g 2 + g 3 +

its like a measure of 6/8 then an added quarter note.
but guitar pro cant do that, so i really dont care

edit: scratch that, you can. 3+3+2
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Awesome job, it's really good. You should really work it out, add some vocals and it would be a hit in no time.

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It was really moving, probably one of the best pieces of music i've heard. I didn't particulary like the shift to a major, but i was good.

Edit: Was the I the only one who thought of final fantasy when hearing this?
I was sure your sig said "two handed clapping song". I'm very dissapointed.
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nice, i really liked it.
nice modulation,
although it might be a bit repetetive...
there are some parts that did really impress me like 17-24
But the outro... holy...
that blew me away... very nice outro part

overall 8,5/10

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This was okay at best.

I found it to be too repetitive. The shape was the same almost the whole way through. You could maybe use two or three of the riffs in a new song, but this piece would honestly sound better on piano.

If you want to hear some really good tapping, listen to Minus the Bear, Russian Circles, and Maps and Atlases.


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It sounds pretty, but its best not used for an entire piece. It gets a bit repetitive- though your modulations were excellent.

That 5th interval (power chord) tapping shape is really overused though.
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This was cool . Sounded like trance song or something with clean guitar. Awesome!
That was great; when I saw the title, I expected some kind of shred, but this was amazing. It keeps it interesting with the key changes, and the adding of the high notes later on, and has a genuine beauty to it. I wouldn't change a thing; it does get a bit repetitive, but not enough to be that big of a deal.

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This is really cool. It reminds me of Day At The Beach by Joe Satriani but less ultra-happy sounding. The delay/reverb is a nice touch to (I also love to add that to some of my GP stuff).

That said, I do agree with practically everyone else that's posted on this that it is a bit repetitive, a problem that could easily be fixed in one of two ways:

1) Cut down on some of the repetition, especially in the C# minor section, either by simply reducing the number of times you play each riff, or by varying the left hand's part by moving away from the simple perfect fifth (power chord) shape that you play; or

2) Make use of several instruments by having several melodies play at once. For instance, as the song progresses, you could slowly introduce more complex bass lines or bring in another clean guitar playing a different part, eventually erupting in an almighty amalgam (hooray for alliteration ) of beautiful melodies by bar 96. This would also give it a more climactic feeling at that point, which seems to me like it should be the climax of song, but is too understated.

Either way would improve this song greatly in my opinion.

My only other problem is that the song feels too rushed for me, so I think you should bring the tempo down to about 192 BPM.

Right now, I'd say this is about an 8.5/10, but, as I said, you could easily change that (as long this stays as an instrumental, as I think vocals would ruin the mood of the song).

Crit mine, if you wouldn't mind?

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