first post so hello to everyone!

I have a c15yr old Aria electric in white - well it was white once but now has sort of yellowy patches where either the lacquer or paint has discolouered over the years.

I was wondering if there are any resoration polishes or light cutting compunds that I could try in order to bring it back a bit. It's not worth refinishing it - I'm just looking for a reasonably cheap solution if there is one....

Aprreciate any opinin or advise - Thanks for looking!

Mr moodle
'Vintage cream/white' is a gorgeus colour for a guitar! Keep it :-) Oh, and welcome to the forums.

To answer your question, no there isn't. Unless you get it refinished.
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if its only in spots and looks retarded, id say repaint it. do something cool with it. if its the whole guitar i say keep it. i love that color, just like almost everyone who posted above me lol.
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I agree with keeping it and not refinishing if its mostly yellowed... its a nice look, particular on an older guitar.