hey guys,
since i use 12 - 56 my bridge floated up so i fixed that but the bridge is hardy touching the the body of my strat (it is but only softly). and the screws on the back which hold the bridge down wont go any further. Does this matter? (does it screw with your intonation if its floating?) or should i get more springs?

any help would be much appreciated
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You could add another spring, or get some new ones with higher tension. Strat style bridges tend to go out of tune really quickly when floating like that (if you use the whammy bar), but if it doesn't I don't see a problem.
are springs expensive cause ill probably just get 2 other springs. I don't think i would need higher tension ones

thanx for reply
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i put more springs on but i don't know how tight the springs should be

Yo, mike...

Why haven't you put any in yet? I put one in when I put on .11s. You need to.

They cost like 2 bucks...

Well a little hint I learned from my local guitarist is that the tremolo should start to raise AFTER you finish a whole note bend. I.E, hit a low E string open note, and bend your 15th fret high-e string to a whole note. The low-e should not go down in pitch until after the bend is past the whole note / out of your vibrato range. Its a good mix between loose strings and not losing your tuning in bends.
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If i was to put five springs on how tight should the screws be. tight enough just to keep the bridge down or a bit tighter?
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