Ok, so basically i've been playing for nearly two years on my trusty squier P bass, at which point i felt i got sufficiently good enough at pick and finger style playing and i kinda got bored, so i picked up a guitar and have been mostly playing my LP for the last 10 months or so.
Thankfully, I started listening to Primus, before diving head long into the realms of talented bass players and now i feel the urge to progress my slap technique quite a lot.
And, IMO a squier P bass isnt the best fit for this style of playing.

I would like Les Claypool's bass but for under £600

Any suggestions of a good bass to fit this style of playing, any help appreciated.
Ibanez BTB200, they have a great low rumble and wickedly controllable high end too.

They are better for songs like... My Name is Mud, Lacquer Head, or Tommy the Cat.

For songs like Jerry was a racecar Driver, you would be better off lookin at something with more strings and less rumble.
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To be honest, I use my Squire P-Bass and it works wonderfully... do you still have the stock strings on there? Because I have changed mine, and your strings may be the problem... also, if you were to buy this you can make it sounds just like Claypool! I just ordered it after giving it a test drive, and it's worth getting... you'll want to use it with every bass and rig you get!
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I think you should have a look a Schecter Stilletto's they are great value for money and have a great slap sound. They do really well at getting the very snappy and muddy sound Claypool uses. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8FhA8TLqvc, listen to that video to see how well the schecter can recreate Claypools tone.
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I just don't feel comfortable slapping on a P bass, for me it just feels awkward.

I think I'll give a Stiletto 5 string a look, i've been interested in them for a long time
Schecter basses have beautiful tone for slap. It's erotic. However, I also think that my P-bass knock-off is great for slapping, so maybe you'll disagree.
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check out my BOTM thread, if you want to read about all the pros of getting a Schecter Stilleto custom 5, I use that bass, and can get a pretty similar sound to claypool with it and and my digitech BP 80