I'm buying my first electric guitar soon and i would like to know does every guitar has that stuff that u can make it play with distortion ? Also how many pickups are the best?
Distortion comes from the amp or effects pedals.
How many pickups and what kind of pickups is 100% personal preference. Some people like versatility, some like simplicity.
distortion depends on the amp, not the tar...
2 or 3 pickups is waht ya want joe... i dont even think a guitar having just one is very common now :P coz thats pretty crappy aye joogs..
now listen ere la, ya wanna get a good beginner guitar look at a squier strat or ibanez grx20 or something dere bro. :P
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Distortion is an Effect. Comes on almost all amps and you can also buy pedals which give you that sound. There are ALOT of them, so if your thinking of getting one, do some research.

Pick-ups is a preference thing really. I wouldn't think the number of pick-ups would really bother me myself but the pick-ups matter. By that i mean, Seymour Duncans, EMG's, Dimarzio etc. These brands make the best sounding pick-ups but there are probbaly load of other makes that produce quality pick-ups.
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