okay, im so fed up with the amount of effort it is to change tunings with the floyd rose, also believe its effort to block the thing off, stupid question, but if i took the springs out, would i be able to freeley tune to other tunings without problems?
**** that idea, get a d tuna. its a simple swith that when you flip it, your sting goes down a step [into d]. idk about something like that for all oftthe other strings but thats what your want instead of trying to tune your fr all the time...
no, if you take the springs out, it wont work anymore, search for a "blackbox" on google, it blocks the trem so you can change tunings better
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my band plays in B and i like to learn loads of malmsteen, and enjoy playing along to the tracks im learning like most people, but tuning that bloody thing is the worst **** ever. i could block it off but i dont trust myself with it. thanks anyway
oh right cool, to be honest i couldnt give a **** about having the floyd working anymore, its so annoying i just want rid of the ****ing thing, i knew taking the springs out wouldnt be a logical idea, but i thought i'd get some other opinions.
The springs keep it from coming up to far. I know I hated the floating bridge on the 2 guitars Ive owned that had em. Blocked em both off. Some guitars are easier to do it with than others. Make a piece of wood that will go up under it and keep it level then crank the screws down in the back.
All my friends with a floyd rose have another axe without one so they can keep the floyd in a special tuning for their band and the other they can do whatever on.