Is there a big difference i heard the Metal Muff is good but the digitech death metal is ok just loads of buzz
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what amp do you use?

according to his sig, a Fender 300.

from what I've heard, the metal muff is one of the best distortion pedals on the market. while digitech and DOD products are questionable. I have a DOD EQ that I love, but I absolutely hated thier Bad Monkey overdrive.
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cool, i've never tried the bad monkey overdrive, i might upgrade to the metal muff in the near future after i get a new amp/guitar, cheers!
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if you get a tube amp, you may want to check out overdrive pedals instead, as they can act as a boost for your amp.

also, check into the DOD EQ. it's $50 and works better than any OD pedal could. it completely reforms my tone and can work as a boost or not, pending on how you have the level set.
Jumping Jax Champion 1965!
really i'm hopefully going to get a peavey valve king 212 so i'll check out the DOD EQ, thanks
Personally, I'd stick with DigiTech and go from the Death Metal to the Metal Master X-Series. It's a lot more variable and can act as good overdrive once you find the correct setting.

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