Just a quick question, cause im going to start learning bass soon. My mates say that guitar is way easier than bass - is this the case?

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I've never played bass, but I guess having only 4 strings as opposed to 6 might help. But then again, I'm not sure about techniques etc.
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Are you black?

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All depends on what you're playing. If you're trying to mimic Les Claypool or Geddy Lee, I might go so far as to say that bass is harder.
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^Pretty much. the Bass playing in my old band was so simple, and yet he (the player) could pull some pretty impressive stuff if he wanted to.
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anyone who says one or the other is easier is wrong. it depends what level you want to take it to. hammering out root notes on bass with a pick is easy, but so's playing powerchord riffs on guitar.
there is no "easier" instrument to play. bass is very different from guitar in terms of sound and how a bass is played and its role in music.

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exactly! it's what you're playing, not the instrument you play it with. i'm sure that anyone can play rugrats on a keyboard. -.-
If you're just going to play something like this:


Then probably so, but otherwise no.