there's little to no talk of man man on this site. they're a really great band. their singer has a very distinctive voice. their music is beautiful and reminds me of hot soup.

all i can give you is this myspace:


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i like man man quite a bit.
i have also missed seeing them twice. mostly because i didn't want to drive 2 hours.

the new album should be good. hopefully.
if you count seeing them with modest mouse i have missed them three times
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yeah, i'm pretty pumped for it.
and i think i might see them with modest mouse in december.
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I've heard a lot about them, but never checked 'em out.

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They are amazing. Seen them live three times so far. Once was opening for Modest Mouse, but the other two times were in small venues so I was able to be right up front. Never a boring second during their shows. Honus Honus has a million badass keyboard playing moves too.
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