Right, I have a PRS SE Singlecut which comes with 9 - 42 string gauge. I have changed strings on guitars before (therefore I know how to do it) and I have changed the strings on this particular guitar once, also to 9 - 42 strings. However after I want to try out the 10 - 46 strings; do I need to do anything before switching to this string gauge?
I changed for 9's to 10's on my Yamaha here the other day, and I didn't have to do something. You may have to adjust the truss rod, but I didn't.

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Oh okay - meh I feel like a noob but what exactly is a floyd rose? I doubt I have one, since I don't know what one is, but still?
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I thought you had to get it adjusted?

What did you think I have to get adjusted =S?

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