It's mah birthday in ten days and I fancy a steel string guitar. I've always enjoyed open tunings and playing with a slide and I started to become interested in them. Right so I don't really have a set budget so I would rather you suggested guitars and prices so then I can sort of work out what I can get or what I'm aiming at.

And a question... how are resos set up? Is their action quite high for slide playing? Would that limit my ability to play some good old folk fingerstyle (Davy Graham, Bert Jansch...you get the jist) on it?

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Go for a Taylor. Or an Ovation.

Taylor and Ovation don't make any resonators whatsoever.

Confusius, after doing a quick search there aren't any useful threads on them anywhere on UG.

Have a good read of this information, there's different build types, different 'soundhole' types etc etc. Other than that perhaps try and get to an experienced guitar shop and ask them about them?
No experienced shops around here...

I mean I know there are different types of cones inside the thing but I was looking for an overview as to what might sound how etc...
I'm Irish originally.

Read the blog in my sig for all the extremely nauseating and boring details. Thanks for the links man, I'll check em out just now.