Here's my dilema. I want xbox live BUT my 360 is on one floor while the modem is on another. So I was thinking since I have a wireless router (and ontop of all this, the place where i'm supposed to plugin the cable that goes from the 360 to the modem is taken up by the cable for the router) I can get a wireless adapter thing for the xbox instead. It's 100 USD and I wanted to make sure it was good before I end up wasting my money on something that doesn't pick up the router signal. So, does anyone know whether xbox live will still play as fast as usual with the wireless? Or if it will keep losing signal?
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I have my laptop about as far away from my router as I can get in my hoouse and the signal is virtually the same as when I'm sitting nect to it, so it shouldn't make too much difference, depending on the size of your house of course.
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Just get the Wireless adapter.

Its alot of money but you wont regret it.
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God damn it all to hell. I just went on bestbuy.com and looked up my own wireless router, which is some stupid Belkin N1. The first user comment I see about it says that it sucks with xbox 360 and I was about to go out and buy the wireless adapter in a couple hours. I'm still going to buy the wireless adapter to see if it really does work or not. Now, in the case that it doesn't work, I need to know what routers you guys use to play xbox live with. Any help would be great.
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yeah! I need some advice on what wireless adapter to get if I decided to get Xbox live ? Like what one to get?
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i dont think the xbox adapter supports the N standard, or WPA 2 so i would just run a cable
Come on people, i'm going to have to go buy the damn thing in a few minutes. I need some suggestions for a router that would work well with the adapter!
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any new router will work with it, but the xbox live adapter wont support WPA2 encryption or the new N standard, which means u have to downgrade ur wireless security to WPA just to accommodate that POS wireless adapter. get a Netgear DG834pn, i use it, its pretty good
I use a lynksis. but I don't use a wireless adapter. Too bad my damn NAT is strict.
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