whats everyones favorite xbox 360 game? i would say mine is probobly gears of war. its so fun and good graphics too. i cant wait till gears of war 2. guitar hero 3 is also fun and i like the les paul controllers.
anyway everyone post your favorite game!
GH 3 and Halo 3.
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Halo games. Since Halo 3 is the only one for 360, that's my favourite.
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Even though I love Guitar Hero, I must say Gears of War is ****ing awesome.
Dead Rising is pretty ingenious. The way you can interact with objects on display and the floor.
anything that isnt halo ****ing 3, that game sucks so much unoriginal ass its unreal, its also brings out the asshole in everyone

hard to choose

but ill list

call of duty4, gears of war, dead rising, oblivion, skate., and assassins creed when it comes out


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Bioshock and the orange box.

argh you, i forgot those, they rock
Need for Speed Carbon, Dead Rising and Halo 3
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The good ol' Gears. Too bad I don't have a 360 myself.
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Call of Duty 4 (playing it now)

And I played the Force Unleashed demo, that was badass..I need to rent it.
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Gears of War, Oblivion (better on PC)
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Oblivion, Mass Effect, Gears of War
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