Chaos & Clockwork is a mainly Progressive Rock band from Holly Springs, North Carolina.

Our current lineup has been playing together about two months. The other guitarist and I have been playing together for about a year. It took us a while to get situated with our current lineup, recently getting a new drummer, but we're still looking for an actual lead singer. We've only got one recording up at the moment, and it's in my profile, called "Desolation". It's just a demo, so there's a few recording issues we didn't fix. The vocals are rough, but that's why we're looking for a singer. Also, the other guitarist recorded the bass tracks. We don't actually have a bassist, but a keyboardest who couldn't make it to recording sessions. I've gotten a new amp since then, too, so no more pinchey sound.

We probably won't be recording for a while. We've got a few other songs and want to write some more before we go back to recording. I'll try to keep you guys posted if we get anything else up. Any constructive criticism is welcome!

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