Well, I am thinking of buying a new guitar, and I have looked at a few. I have $400 dollars to spend and I like to play rock mainly. No metal though. I have looked at mexican strats, samick les paul styled guitar, ibanez and thats about it. Any suggestions?
the mexican strats are great, the samick les pauls are great. just try before you buy, head into a music store and just play play play, dont limit yourself to a brand name that someone recommends.

Also, look into amps, they might give you something more than a new guitar will.
The amp thing is good. But dont go amp shopping unless your willing to spend 600$ imo. Ibanez is probably your best bet because they are so versitile. Id also suggest saving up a little more.
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Well, I am thinking of buying a new guitar,.... Any suggestions?



there are plenty of awesome deals on used tube amps for under $600. i'm lucky enought to live in nyc, and i quite often see amazing deals on craigslist. saw a mesa dc2 for $450 a few days ago. 5150s average $500.
ibanez go pretty cheap on ebay. just look out for what type of tremolo. the original edge averages $150. but fixed bridges are that much less, all other things being equal.

also, friends don't let friends go into a Wank-Center.
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I have a Vox valvetronix AD30VT and I like it a lot. I am just looking for a new guitar. How much time do you think i should play on the guitar to see if I like the "feel" of it more than another? Also, I play rock, and thats about it. So what type of guitar fits that best?