Has anyone ordered from here? Their prices are like 10 dollers cheaper than musicians friend, where I normally go, and I jsut wanted to know how customer service and shiipping was.

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Zzounds, is a great site. I ordered my tele and amp from them. They're great. The customer service could be a little better, but the shipping is excellant. They arrived and great condition too.
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Yeah, Zzounds is great, things usually ship the day after they are ordered(unless its weekends) and get to your place quick. Ive orderd from musicians friend too, and i must say Zzounds is better
when you order from zzounds you get your stuff way quicker (or at least for me) my friend has ordered from them and everything has gone swimmingly
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I got my first guitar from Zzounds and I'm recommended them ever since. Very professional, very affordable, and more importantly, very FAST.

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Another +1 for zZounds.

First rate site. Much faster than MF. I think they're based in NJ. Like you, I'm in NY, and they were super quick for me. zZounds is now my primary internet music store. Bought a scratch & dent Korg D888. I can wholeheartedly recommend you look thru that section to see if anything there suits your needs. Got a perfect condition item (as far as I could tell) for A LOT less.
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Wow, thanks a bunch. Looks like they've just earned a new customer.
Do you like anime/manga?
PM me about buying the graphic novels I'm trying to sell