Right I have just got a new compressor an Ashdown Dual Band, it does its job of compressing the signal and giving a really quick action and short decay however for some reason it makes my bass give a very strange twangy sound like a Sitar its really odd. I am using an active bass with it which may be the problem as according to the box you shouldnt but I emailed the guys at ashdown and they said it should be alrite. Does anyone know why it is doing this or how I can sort it out. Secondly I am in need of a new amp my Ashdown Mag 600 head is not cutting it and i cannot get the right sound from it atall. I have been looking at the Trace Elliot AH500 http://www.thomann.de/gb/trace_elliot_ah3007.htm, The Mark King signiture amp http://www.thomann.de/gb/ashdown_mk500_mark_king.htm and The Ampeg SVT450. I play alot of funk both fingerstyle and slap but I also play various other things aswell such as Classic Rock and Metal. If anyone can reccomend a better amp than the ones I have looked at please do.

Thanks in Advance.
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