I want a really hot passive pickup with about the same sound and output of the emg 81.

Used for my bridge of course.

Any brand but dimarizo. (just not my taste)

Any recommdations are welcome

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go bill lawrence 500xl, not dimebucker, if you want as much output and sound as dime, why not use the same thing he used.
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Swineshead, Bareknuckle and Lundgren might be worth checking out, and Seymour Duncan Blackouts would probably kick arse.
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blackouts. Those are active arent they? Would they sound steril like the emgs?
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Marshall JCM 900
peavey 5150

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To my knowlege they're active per definition, but they don't require batteries, and sound a LOT more "alive" than EMGs. They're very expensive, though - so you might think of EMGs as low quality active pickups, really. Then again, if you get a hold of some, you'll probably have no problems selling them on.
I'm a communist. Really.
SD Parallel Axis Trembucker™ Distortion PATB-2? It sounds wicked in Dirty.

And I'm also curious about your assumedly bad experience with Dimarzios. I heard they require delicacy when potting, but I've otherwise heard good things about them.
anything that matches the output of an active pup in passive mode is likely to very noisy

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Kent Armstrong MotherBucker - theyre pretty high output (about 27K), not sure about the sounds - dont think theres as many highs.
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I have an X2N and it's extremely beefy. To restate, Why don't you like DiMarzio? Even the Deactivators would work.
there's the EMG Hz which are passive EMG 81/85's.

Seymour Duncan Distortion

Dimarzio X2N

those are the hottest passive's I can think of.
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Seymour Duncan JB? Michael Ammot (arch enemy) uses them, and i have tested them personally i though that their were great.
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My beefbucker has a higher peak output than an EMG 81 but it's got a slightly lower RMS output. It's the highest output passive pickup I've ever seen.
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I would suggest the EMG HZ pups. Their passives and sound pretty close to the 81. Normally any guitar that isnt a sig or doesnt really run high come with EMG HZ's.

Good Luck!
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Edit; sorry you only asked for a bridge pup. i gave you a neck too
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Stay away from HZ's. They can't really compare to an 81.

Please don't discount Dimarzio. They are awesome pickups. The D-Activators are supposed to sound similar to active EMG's without the active. I've played an Ibanez Xiphos with them and they sound awesome and definitely come close.
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