Poll: who u want in thunderdome?
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Trigfunction (Mike)
7 32%
Streetcarp19 (BJ)
10 45%
Dæmönika (Michael)
5 23%
Voters: 22.
i dislike carpy's first two pieces, but his third piece is rather great
i also dislike trig's first two pieces, but his third piece's first stanza is rather great

I posted a really well thought out critique on carp's first one...which never got any response... and i really just feel that his pieces weren't up to par with the rest.

so my vote goes to Trig...because i liked his stuff.
what comes up comes out
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*campaigns* Vote for Trig! *does a cheerleader like move*

haha just playing good luck to carp and daemonika

and thanks for the votes, i didnt think i would even get nominated because i got very few crits lol. but then again, i can sometimes be lazy on critting.




-p.s. im ****ed up