Nirvana’s guitarist’s first guitar? When did he have it? Need very quick help!!!!

Oh Goodness, I've seen people spell his name wrong but never like that.

EDIT: Oh I'm guessing English is not your first language. Apparently you are from Armenia.

Do you have a picture of the guitar you are talking about?
Who's Nirvana?
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You're not a really big fan of Nirvana are you? Since plenty of people who don't like Nirvana still know that the guitarist is called KURT COBAIN. He was an icon.
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I know he played mostly Jaguars and Mustangs while in Nirvana but also used strats.
His first guitar was a strat copy, which he broke because he took it apart to see how it worked. Can't remember what make it was. He got an Ibanez when he started having guitar lessons.
He had the choice between a bike and a guitar, he took th eguitar which I believe was a Uni-Vox high flyer.
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"Chuck asked the group's guitarist, Warren Mason, to find a guitar in time for Kurt's birthday in February. Warren obtained a six-string used Lindell from a local electrician friend - who later described it as a "piece of ****" for $125. "

Source : Who Killed Kurt Cobain ? by Ian Halperin and Max Wallace.

Great book, btw.
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Ohhhhhhhhh, someones a gibson fan-boy.
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Ohhhhhhhhh, someones a gibson fan-boy.

An ill-informed Gibson fanboy.

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