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I've decided that I'm gonna pick up an LTD EC (the Les Paul shaped one) pretty soon, and know that I'm going to plump for a model that has the Duncan JB/59 set as opposed to EMGs, but beyond that I'm torn between two options. Let me explain:

I can import a slightly used but fairly mint EC-1000 from the states (I'm in Ireland) for only about €30 ($44) dearer than a new EC-400 from my regular European online retailer - shipping/customs/VAT inclusive (the EC-1000 would be about €300 ($440) more expensive new, and thus out of my budget). However, I'm sceptical as to the real difference in quality between the two models. On paper, the only differences are that the EC-1000 has two extra frets (means nothing to me really), a better bridge and tuners (Tone Pros locking bridge and Schaller locking tuners -vs- bog standard tune-o-matic and Grovers), and "fancier" finishes which don't exactly set my world alight, I actually prefer the finish and general look of the 400 I was considering.

So, what's the story? Overall higher build quality and better wood (I mean better "quality" wood, given more stringent checks or whatever, they're both mahogany with a rosewood board) in the 1000? More chance of getting a "dud" in the 400 series? Would I be a mug to pass up the opportunity of getting my hands on the better model, or will it be total luck of the draw either way as to whether I get a nice guitar, given that they come off a Korean production line?

Would really appreciate the input of anyone who's had experience of both a 400 and 1000 series LTD, not necessarily the EC model, just any of them.
I think the differences on the 1000 are mostly cosmetic, and I doubt you'd be able to get one in from America anyway.

All the LTD 400 series I've played have been fine, the ECs are actually the best in my opinion. They feel like quality instruments.
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Quote by timi_hendrix
I think the differences on the 1000 are mostly cosmetic

That's what it seems like to me too - doesn't seem like the difference in retail price is justified. That said, I haven't played a 1000 so I don't know.
I have a 1000, but no experience with the 400s. It's a pretty damn nice guitar. Plays like a dream. Btw the tuners are Sperzels on my EC.
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I own a 400 with JB/59's, and damn well LOVE it. I've played a few 1000's, and thought the quality was better, but only marginally. With the money you save, you can buy the upgraded hardware yourself, and still have a bit left over.
i think the EC400 model isn't a carved top, so it's not a "true" LP shape. the EC500 models are, however.

i remember playing both the EC400 Arch Top and an EC1000, and i know i prefered the 1000.
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I like the EC-1000 more because its an actual carved top.. I think the ec-400 LPs look goofy without it.
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