Any tips, I just mic'd my amp for the first time and it worked out pretty well considering I had no real idea what I was doing (this is what it sounded like https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=710556). As far as acoustic recording goes though it tends to sound very bland when I try and mic it. I want to get some more punch out of the microphone so any tips on placement, etc, would be much appreciated.

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how mics ave you got that would be suitable?

if you've only got one put it either near the sound hole or put it the distance of the neck to bridge away from the twelth fret.
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Yeah, I only have one. Alright I'll give it a shot, I think that's more or less what I was doing before but we'll see.
Touche...any recommendations since xmas is just around the corner I might be able to get one.
What type of condensers would you recommend for say $150-$350 Canadian? (Each, I'll only get one for now most likely)

I love that set...its pretty much what I use, except I have a 993 instead of a 991. For $80 its a steal, and you aren't going to get much better quality unless you spend a couple hundred dollars more per microphone.


Or if you aren't going to be recording vocals...


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