I'll order a ceriatone Marshall 18 watt clone kit soon, I was wondering which speakers are good in 40-50$ range. I mostly play hard-rock some alternative metal stuff. I also need good cleans form this speaker.

These are what I've found so far

-Weber Signature Series Alnico/Ceramic 12/12S
-Jensen Mod 25/35/50

Can you compare them or better, add new choices?

thanks very much
celestion.. texas heats or screamin eagles...they may be just a bit higher than 50 bux a piece but not much more and they definately kick ass. I recomend for the music you play the Texas Heats. Check ebay you may be able to get a deal for 4..or 2.. Good luck
Thanks fır the quick replys. I'll consider them definitely...
I heard jensen are not the same speakers they were in 70s. What about webers? I've heard good things about them but nothing about signature series..
I was gonna say Electro Voice, cos I know they are great and my father uses them but then I asked him how much do they cost and realized why no one here uses them.Any way you should really try saving for them they are really worth it.
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wow, wharehouse speakers seem to be very nice What can you saye about v30? Can you compare it to original vintage30?