I just bought a new Schecter C-1 Classic. Everything works great, except I noticed quite a bit of fret vibrations. From what I've read I should adjust the hight of the bridge...but I don't want the action to be any higher than it already is.

Is there an alternative or is that the only way to fix this problem? I was thinking of bringing it in to a guitar shop to have it setup right...but is this normally needed for a new guitar? (I ordered it from the US and had it shipped to Canada...so I'm wondering if along the way maybe it got kicked out of whack.)

I also read that if you don't hear the fret vibrations through the amp than you should just ignore them. Is this good advise?

Thanks to anyone who can help.
You should always setup/get a setup for a new guitar.
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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.
the neck might not be parallel to the bridge, does it happen on all the strings or just the ones on the edge?
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the neck might not be parallel to the bridge, does it happen on all the strings or just the ones on the edge?

It'll mostly do it on the lower strings, but not on all frets.
I just purchased a new SG-3 and the E and A strings buzz like CRAZY. There's probably 3 frets on the whole board that dont buzz. The D buzzes as well, but only on about 6 frets.

Other than the buzzing this guitar is absolutely amazing and the range of sounds you can make with the selector switch alone kicks ass.
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Its just the state of affairs now adays. Most companies anymore dont even bother to set the action or intonation. And only expensive instruments get any kind of fret dressing done to them. Most are just put together stuffed in a box and out the door they go. I know epiphone likes to put a sticker on the back of the headstock saying set up and inspected at the plant in tenn. But the guy who did mine must have been deaf. Its not the shipping that does it, just poor quality control.
in a word, yes.

he will adjust the truss rod, action, check the fret levels, and lots more. that alone should stop the fret buzz.