So I went to a guitar shop in a town a ways away from here... specifically in Cambridge, but that's beside the point. This store (can't name names) sells acoustics, electrics, semi-hollows, etc. and they happened to have an Ibanez SZ 720 (my dream guitar ATM). Every guitar was in near perfect condition. Even the used guitars they had there were in perfect condition. But the Ibanez... no, the Ibanez must have been totally niglected, and even like abused if you would. The neck of the guitar was warped tremendously. Not only that, but there were large scratches on the back AND front of the guitar. NOT ONLY THAT, but even the bridge was bent. And on top of ALL of that, there was a VERY large chip in the 12th fret of the guitar.

I aksed one of the workers there if this was new of used... and they said they bought it new.

What the hell?
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It's so stupid though... They aren't lowering the price, or fixing it up or anything. I don't understand it.
The guitar gods are crying.


Maybe it was a replica of Steve Vai's guitar. Hehe.
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It's so stupid though... They aren't lowering the price, or fixing it up or anything. I don't understand it.

they're waiting for a sucker who doesn't care about the condition, or know better. I was in guitar center looking for a bass, and they had a ton of fender's that had HUGE chips in thier paint. it would be noticable to anyone in a crowd, but they were priced as new. I asked the salesmoron if he would reduce the price and he said "that's how they came. we're not taking anything off". they don't care. why should you?
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This is way I dislike korean guitars. That thing had to of been MEGA abused to warp the bridge and neck on its own, or dropped, but even then, a well built guitar should not be ruined if its dropped once or played hard.
I don't think it was just dropped. WAY more had to have been done to it to that kind of damage. I mean... how do you even go about chipping a fret? I can't imagine it.
I know what you mean. I was buying an Ibanez Iceman a while ago, but there was a problem with the pickup-it kept shorting out- so I took it back to get a new one (it was at a Guitar Center), and they tried to sell me one that was "new out of the box" I was kind of a n00b then, so I said sure. While the guy was ringing me up, I took the guitar out of the box, and saw it had a 5 INCH LONG gash on the front of it, about half an inch deep. It looked like someone took a hatchet to the guitar. I told the guy, and he's like, "well we are giving you a new one, so this is goiong to have to be okay." I'm just like "This is not a new guitar. It looks like someone thought there was buried gold inside of it, and tried to dig it out with a shovel. Give me a real new guitar, or give me my money back, now." The guy gave me a new guitar. Sometimes you really need to learn how to be forcefull with salesmen, especially if the are paid on commission. If they are commissioned, then they will accomodate you to make a slae if you pressure them hard enough.


Some salesman will do anything to get you to buy something. Most of them around here are nice, but some are plain rotten.

I was in my local shop not long ago and saw a used Ibanez WD7 Wah. (nothing odd about that, right?) It looked like it had a fair amount of dust on it and some evident wear and tear. I look at the price and almost **** a brick. $105 dollars for a used one! I live in a small town, and everything around here is way overpriced. They take advantage of the people around here who don't know prices on this kind of stuff. I
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A chip in the fret, and the bridge was bent?
****... maybe they threw it out their truck on the way to the shop and went back and got it?
My local shop just doesn't care if your in the store as long as you don't break or steal anything. They just talk all the time. Although one of them did try to tell me that a Ibanez toneblaster stack was a good amp.
Ahaha... well I'm not sure if it was the salemen.. although after I spazzed on the guy for it being all messed up, they ALL just stared me down the whole time. They must not like peopl who are smarter than them.
thats why i love my local guitar shop
Theyr guitars are in good quality, theyr all new and you can just ask and theyll let you try, even the most expensive guitars (gibsons and higher end jacksons they have, they have a line 6 flextone head there just for people to try guitars, not that good but it does the job, try it and put it back, the people there are really nice and talkable
I even got a discount when i bought my first guitar there Lol
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