A "dick-in-the-booty-ass-nigga"?

My friend calls me that all the time when he's high.

Epic win or phail?

Do any of you have weird names?
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We don't say 'booty' or 'nigga' here. So no.
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lmao wtf....
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nope. but one of my friends came to school high and went around calling everyone a

poopy d!ck.
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Epic win or phail?

Looks like it's what's behind door number 2.

See ya in thirty!

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well since in that context "booty" should be synonomous with "ass" it actually reads:

penis in the bottom bottom black man

which tbh, is an epic epic phail, since if you translate an insult into proper englisha dn ti aint funny, it just aint funny full stop.
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