Hello fokes, I have an issue with some anying noise.
My lame equipment: cort stat 3T, HSS, ibanez toneblaster 15W.
Ok, here is the problem, my rever knob is at 0 now evrything is just fine on every pickup position, but when i turn knob to full or half is does anoyng buzzz (something like "shhhhhhhhh"), i happens on every position. Now when i turn the tone knobs on guitar on 1 there is no noise. I ve tryed one with my friend gitar and everything is fine, I l try it again to be sure. What could be cause of that problem ???
hrm.... if it works fine on another players guitar... then it could be that your pickups need some work done.... when you are turning up the reverb pedal you are essentially tuning like a radio, this will cause your pickups to pick up different signals, like a radio, but in this case, hertz.

So when you turn up, you are increasing the signal/hertz, and your pickups are trying to let all this in, but the problem can be that your pickups are also letting in extra signals, more hertz, to get the hissing sound you are hearing.

To fix this (if it is your pickups) first try (carefully i might add) adjusting the height of your pickups, closer is better, but really not closer to the strings than 1.5mm

If this doesn't work, your pickups may need to be 'potted' as some people would say, which is basically, where your pickups are taken, dipped in a wax and left to harden, when it is dipped, the wax will fill any holes or anomilies within your pickup, thus eliminating any holes for sound to 'leak' into.
Pickups config. is HSS and problem happens with hum and single pickups. Are they all need to be potted?