My friends and i are starting a new metal/alternative band. We have writen a couple of basic songs just simmple chords in dropped d. I want to write some more complicated stuf. There is no rhythym guitar player just me. If anyone can help me it would be much appreciated. thanks
Try pealing away from chords. Learn some scales and mess around with them. If it sounds a bit empty with only one guitar, try playing a chord or two then a little lead riff, then back to the chords.
yeah, that's what i would to.
you might want to play with vibratos and dives.
yeah same here. sometimes i, for example, playing a normal C chord, then move it up two frets so the G string is 2 steps lower than it should be, (if that makes any sense) although i am not sure what kind of chord you would call that. For riffs i find that dorian and aeolian are the easiest to make new riffs in, but it is probably different for everyone.
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Listen to funk guitarists for 5 hours straight, they've always got new unique things, it's good influence.
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Listen to some bands you would never consider listening to. Try things which you haven't done. Then bring it back into metal and write something. Just sit and play and find cool riffs. Write them all down. Then keep jamming over them, and look for improvements you can make. It's a process.
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Try riffing with "chords". With "chords" I mean 2 or 3 notes together.

For example:
(Not sure if it actually sounds good, I just imagined it would sound good in my head.)

This way you can keep it heavy, fun to play, melodic and you have a base for singing over it.