Ive been searching online and i cant find any free blueprints, almost every website charges for them. Could anyone link me to a online site or a PDF that has blueprints on building an acoustic dreadnought guitar? I think bending the sites and building the neck will be the most challenging, but there is no rush with time.
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Not quite blueprints, more of a how to. http://gicl.cs.drexel.edu/people/sevy/luthierie/guitarmaking_guide/building_flattop.html Thats really the only thing youre gonna find online. The problem w/ blueprints is that they are designed by specific companies and those companies know that they can charge $25+ for their designs.
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would it be more practical to purchase a type of make your own acoustic kit and measure all the diameters myself?
If your not willing to pay for plans for an acoustic guitar then i do not think that you wil be able o build a half decent one. Ive been researching it for a month now(ontop of the over a year that ive been building electrics) and ive just over the past week started to create all of the jigs that will be needed to make it. Its A LOT harder than it looks. if your looking for a book id like to suggest Build Your Own Acoustic Guitar by Jonathan Kinkead. its a wonderful book with many good pictures and diagrams. Another one ive heard good reviews on was by william cumpiano or something called guitar making technology and tradition(or something similar to that)