I had read in some forums teachers is real important for a good learning of bass playing? And now i don't no what to do: learn at home or get some teacher to help? Im still learning alone at home by use Guitar Pro to get some tabs and try to get the right time in the music... If you could help with some tricks i will appreciate!
I played for maybe half a year and then when I got one he pointed out all the stuff I was doing wrong.. after all that was fixed now my teacher just gives me ideas, tips and lessons to improve my playing..

Its worth it if you have the money..
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i never wanted to have a teacher, it seemed pointless to me, i tought i could learn better by myself, altough it worked for a while, i got seriously stucked

then i got a teacher in may...

i've probably seen a bigger process in 7 months than in the 2 years i was playing before getting a teacher, i've learned tons of stuff (from theory to my playing skills)

just take it as an advice
I taught myself. It probably took longer than it would have if I had a teacher, but now I have my own "playing style" because of it.
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There has been a lot of guitarists who have learnt at home without a teacher. They can still be excellent plays and such as well.

However, you will make faster progress with a teacher. I currently don't have a teacher, but I enjoy growing in my own way. It's up to you. There is the other point of having to unlearn bad habits in your technique. A teacher would be able to point out what you're doing wrong in 1 minute where as you might have no idea.

It's a lot of little things, but it comes down to personal preference.
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I don't have enough money to pay a teacher every month! What do you think about buy a cd how teach you how to play bass like "Beginner to Pro in 80 days". Do you know some nice dvd? Or you dont?
Quote by Vanquish
Its worth it if you have the money..

... And you actually have a good teacher. There are plenty of scam artists out there who are either mediocre guitarists themselves or are good players, but lack education skills.

So, if you're going to pay for lessons make sure that the person fulfils both criteria -- clearly competent guitarist and clearly competent teacher.