ok well i was looking at a BYOC pedal and saw that it only uses battery? is there anyway to make it so you could use an ac adaptor (dont want to keep using up batteries)?

second questions is i want OD pedal. i know you can get the ts808 chip and put it in another pedal to give it the same tone of a ts808 but i was wondering if i could put one in a Boss DS-1? i saw a SD-1 (boss's super overdrive) with the chip but was wondering if i could put it in my distortion pedal? i'd rather have a OD pedal..is this possible? and if it is would it still be the same as the TS808 or different since it's a distortion pedal?


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BYOC has a DC jack in every pedal. i've made 5 with them.

by the "chip", do you mean the JRC4558D chip? if so, no. but if u mean the board, you might be able to. jsut a lot of work.
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oh ok...i just saw someone else's completed and couldnt find the adaptor.

i went on ebay and found a SD-1 already modded with the jrc4558. it's about like $50 or 60. but i also found a SD-1 for $20. if i were to get the $20 could i just change the chipor w/e.? or change the whole board?

what is that? i mean like what's it called.

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